Friday, August 19, 2011

Little prince

[I'm sorry I wasn't around lately, you know... life happens while you're busy... yada yada :) ]

Two days ago I received a custom order. A very nice lady asked for a quilt with an elephant theme, saying she liked these two quilts I made in the past.

The first day I moved half of the furniture in our new house.
The second day I moved the second half :) and cleaned.
This morning, at 4 am (cough! I use to wake up at 9 or 10), I started.

Elizabeth HartmanMelody Miller + Denyse Schmidt + Pink Chalk Fabrics + about 3 minutes to take a pic = The little prince.

Little prince quilt 01

I am in love with this quilt and I feel so sorry I didn't get a chance to make better pictures. And the backing flannel is just perfect, I only wish I would find it again to make it a permanent stash.

Little prince quilt 02

I did not use the steps from Elizabeth because I had no fusible interface so I just pinned really well the elephant and went slow. Twice. I also made two stiches before starteing the edges, two vertical ones following the patchwork lines, just to keep it more secured. It worked great.

Little prince quilt 03

I got a chance to use some free motion quilting, but not too much, because I don't feel to confident in my FM skills yet.

Little prince quilt 06

The other circles are a sort of buttonhole, some regular programm from my Brother, I just immagined that if a quilt can be tied, it should be enough to have just a few spots where all the layers are caught toghether.

Oh, it also has a floppy ear with a hidden letter :)

Little prince quilt 04