Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Finally, some real sewing

I cannot tell you how glad I am that I finally started sewing. You know, real stuff. No, not the Hello Kitty blue lego bag :)).

I did it. I cut, I sewn, I ironed. I, however, did not use a walking foot. And I regreted a lot.

IMG_9098 (Large)

Huge mistake. I have no ideea how I could possibly think that the silence of a regular foot could do more good than the noisy and annoying walking foot.

I will come back with more details, 'cause this quilt has such a long story, but tommorow we're leaving town and I really wanna quilt this tonight. Gotta go :)

Later edit: Do not, I repeat, do not attemp to fix your walking foot by yourself. Do not unscrew your walking foot. If you do, please let me know where the smallest L part belongs.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kind of... sort of.. not really

I miss sewing. Very very much. A lot of things happened here lately and the only time I had left was after 1 a.m. Usually this is not a problem, but when it comes to thinking about something... whell... it's really not the best moment.

But I missed it too much and decided to do something. Something small... a lot of improvisional piecing... scraps only (so I don't kill my self if something very ugly happens). Camera bag! This sounded so easy, considering that I made about 3 dozens bags until now. thing let to another... and that's pretty much it. It was not ok. That's the most flattering picture and, belive me, it is flattering.


But no, I couldn't stop... I saw these gorgeous kimono shoes at IThinkSew and for the first time I bought an online pattern. Not that good either.

I missed my size (as in two europeean numbers).


The good part is I only made one shoe and I also made quite a few adjustments and already cut shoe no.2 and 3 (the first one was test only) and now I'm ready to make my self something nice. Something that I was actually going to do this morning but somehow ended up writing a pattern. Don't ask how I got there, way too long story.

Ok, so the real reason for this post:
would any of you, ladies, would like to take a look and tell me if you can understand something from my pattern? :D Pretty please? [eyelash batting here]


And the quilt is this one: