Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kind of... sort of.. not really

I miss sewing. Very very much. A lot of things happened here lately and the only time I had left was after 1 a.m. Usually this is not a problem, but when it comes to thinking about something... whell... it's really not the best moment.

But I missed it too much and decided to do something. Something small... a lot of improvisional piecing... scraps only (so I don't kill my self if something very ugly happens). Camera bag! This sounded so easy, considering that I made about 3 dozens bags until now. thing let to another... and that's pretty much it. It was not ok. That's the most flattering picture and, belive me, it is flattering.


But no, I couldn't stop... I saw these gorgeous kimono shoes at IThinkSew and for the first time I bought an online pattern. Not that good either.

I missed my size (as in two europeean numbers).


The good part is I only made one shoe and I also made quite a few adjustments and already cut shoe no.2 and 3 (the first one was test only) and now I'm ready to make my self something nice. Something that I was actually going to do this morning but somehow ended up writing a pattern. Don't ask how I got there, way too long story.

Ok, so the real reason for this post:
would any of you, ladies, would like to take a look and tell me if you can understand something from my pattern? :D Pretty please? [eyelash batting here]


And the quilt is this one:


  1. Do you mean to proof-read it for you? I can do that if you like.

    P.S. Love the materials in the bag even if it didn't work out! And very keen to see how the slippers go, too. Do they stay on okay?

  2. I love this little quilt, such a clever use of rectangles and squares. I am also available to read your pattern if you like.
    The slippers look very pretty indeed, but I have the same question as Kirsty...

  3. you make beautiful things with lovely fabric choices!


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