Saturday, November 12, 2011

How some quilts work

There are times when I know exactly what I want to do. Pretty much most of the times. But there are, of course, times, when I have no idea what so ever. It happens that I have a little time i should use and no idea at all, or just love a fabric so much I just don't know what to do with it.

When I received the heilroom stash, after a lot of staring, I decided to cut some 2" strips to play with. Those 'eyes' bothered me so much that I just left it like this and moved on.

But after the cross quilt and the baby princess, I couldn't stop thinking about these colours.


 So I took all the scraps out and started using every single tiny bit. I came up with 4 almost squares. Lined them up, added more scraps, and took the difficult decision: 1 quilt instead of 4 pillows.

IMG_5150 (Medium)

With the new walking foot things went really well, no pulling, no stretching with only 7 basting pins. 

[I'm really sorry for the weird colours, me and the camera we're not 100% back together :)]

I hope it's safe to say I'm done with pink for a while. I finished almost all my pink fabrics so I should be safe :). However, crazy scrappy piecing gave me more ideas so there's another one on the way :). Not pink, I swear :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011


The tree small quilts. Really really simple, 5" squares, only if I had the fabric in charm packs :)


Plus, the heilroom quilt and the Echino one got themselves new names. Not bad at all for the third try with free motion, I might say.

IMG_5158 (Medium)
[read: I love how it turned out! :)]

IMG_5159 (Medium)

I think I might have found that mojo I lost some time ago :)), 'cause I also made a huge pillow and a really really scrappy quilt, but I still need to take decent pictures.

P.S. Any ideas about writing names other than applique, embrodery or free motion would be very much appreciated.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sneak peak

Remember my new kitchen?

With my white... everything? Well, here it is now :)


Husband had a great idea with the handles, we could only find small red ones and they just didn't look good. So we played with them a little :)

home-nov (Medium)

Even though it changed completely, I'm still in love with it and it's our favorite place in the house

Friday, November 4, 2011

A lot of WIP

An almost finish Echino baby quilt, just to take my mind off a not so beautiful week.


Unfortunately, my walking foot died. Again. And I was just not going to believe it. So I quilted and quilted, somehow hoping in the end it will look good. It didn't. I have a strong feeling I have to take all the quilting off and do it again.

[remember the little fellow that won't help me with pics? here he is again]

So I got even more angry and I cut.


And rearranged a hundred times


And even super cleaned the sewing machine.


And cleaned the threads' box


And started 3 awsome baby quilts.

[baby blue]

[baby smile]

[baby princess]

Now I am [not at all] patiently waiting for my walking foot. Isn't it a little too much 3 walking foots in one year?