Friday, November 4, 2011

A lot of WIP

An almost finish Echino baby quilt, just to take my mind off a not so beautiful week.


Unfortunately, my walking foot died. Again. And I was just not going to believe it. So I quilted and quilted, somehow hoping in the end it will look good. It didn't. I have a strong feeling I have to take all the quilting off and do it again.

[remember the little fellow that won't help me with pics? here he is again]

So I got even more angry and I cut.


And rearranged a hundred times


And even super cleaned the sewing machine.


And cleaned the threads' box


And started 3 awsome baby quilts.

[baby blue]

[baby smile]

[baby princess]

Now I am [not at all] patiently waiting for my walking foot. Isn't it a little too much 3 walking foots in one year?


  1. Oh my! I'd understand that you were still frustrated! I hate those days... Hope your luck changes and everything goes smooyhly again. I love your projects! ;)

  2. in spite of your frustrating week, it looks like you got a lot done. i hope your next week is much better! :)

  3. Good Lord woman, what are you doing to those walking feet? Three in one year? Do you torture them before you kill them?
    But seriously - I'm not sure what could be causing it. Maybe ask someone the next time you take your machine in for a service (if you have kept the broken walking feet take them with you, maybe they can figure it out).
    Despite the bad week you're on fire - look how much you've done! Love the Baby Princess title - suits those rich colours to a tee!

  4. Oh no! 3 walking feet thats terrible! You have been very productive though! Hope the foot turns up soon!

  5. Your baby quilts are beautiful, what a good taste you have!

  6. Three walking feet in a year! That's incredible.....I just can't think what you're doing to you torture them after a hard nights quilting?
    But those quilts are gorgeous! I can't pick a favorite, I love them all!


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