Saturday, November 12, 2011

How some quilts work

There are times when I know exactly what I want to do. Pretty much most of the times. But there are, of course, times, when I have no idea what so ever. It happens that I have a little time i should use and no idea at all, or just love a fabric so much I just don't know what to do with it.

When I received the heilroom stash, after a lot of staring, I decided to cut some 2" strips to play with. Those 'eyes' bothered me so much that I just left it like this and moved on.

But after the cross quilt and the baby princess, I couldn't stop thinking about these colours.


 So I took all the scraps out and started using every single tiny bit. I came up with 4 almost squares. Lined them up, added more scraps, and took the difficult decision: 1 quilt instead of 4 pillows.

IMG_5150 (Medium)

With the new walking foot things went really well, no pulling, no stretching with only 7 basting pins. 

[I'm really sorry for the weird colours, me and the camera we're not 100% back together :)]

I hope it's safe to say I'm done with pink for a while. I finished almost all my pink fabrics so I should be safe :). However, crazy scrappy piecing gave me more ideas so there's another one on the way :). Not pink, I swear :)


  1. Love them! The fabrics look amazing and I love the straight line quilting. Congrats. You surely are back on track!!

  2. My dear, this is awesome, you should write the pattern!

  3. Fantastic. And I didn't see the eyes until you mentioned I can't NOT see them :) Glad the new walking foot is behaving, perfectly timed with the return of your mojo I see!

  4. Lol I never noticed the eyes until now! Lol

  5. Are you kidding!? How absolutely amazing is that... wow! :)


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