Sunday, December 4, 2011

Almost alive

I am still here, working my butt off, still upset with my camera and still quilting like there's no tomorrow :)).
The [making/ fixing/uploading on flickr/ adding to pools/ copying to blogger] pics thing is, however, so not fun anymore. Considering it works together with [updating my babywearing site, FB page, romanian blog], is taking pretty much all the time I have. And making the computer no fun at all.

So, while I'm here, I should show you something, right?

How about my new obsession for small stuff?

IMG_5425 (Medium)

I made a.lot! of pouches. Again :)).

Some FFA III sweetest horses ever

and pretty much every Echino I have.
[Showing only one Echino was a very difficult decision. This one is the smallest. Here are some of the others]



Now back to fixing quilt pics :|


  1. Was wondering where you were. Thought maybe you were snowed in :)) Super cute as always - the Echino scooter is my favourite, I was never one for horses as a girl. Don't sweat the blogging, if it isn't fun then it's time to take a break until it is again. Real life always rules! x x P.S the camera work is GOOD!

  2. Good pictures! Lots of pouches again... Looking forward to a tutorial. ;)

  3. I agree with Kirsty, blogging should be fun and relaxing, it is NOT a duty! Nice to see you back, though, and all the nice pouches that you made.

  4. frumos lucrezi Diana! imi place tot ce faci

  5. frumos lucrezi Diana! imi place tot ce faci


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