Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm the Grinch

Well, I said it. I am so not in the mood for Christmas, or anything related. But I did sew. A lot. So here are some of this month's stuff.

The one that I couldn't get a decent photo of, and the one that started the pink madness in my house :)


The crosses came out very quickly, the 5" squares helped a lot. Also, like never before :)), I actually decided what to use before starting cutting, so every cross is made from 3 pieces [2 squares and one rectangle]. Pieceing was so easy!


Not sure I love it with the gray border so much, I think the next one will have no border at all. [next quilt with crosses]

Then the princess baby quilt, made at the same time with baby blue and baby smile.

sonia (3)

I tried to get out of the pink obsession with some all-time-favorite Echino, but right after it was finished, along with some custom quilts, I kept thinking about the pink.

So I made the scrappy one.


So soft and thin [backed it with some no name thin and soft fabric], it's one of my favorites and the first one to leave.

razna (3)

But no, this was not enough :)). Again, I put all the larger scraps left with some gray, and made another pinkish one :)

Carmen (2)

Somewhere along the way I also made three sweet pillows but only made pictures of two of them. A heavily quilted wonky star,

and two of them with the sweetest mini charm pack ever :)

I wanted so much to see for myself Aneela's fabrics but funding really stopped me from getting anything larger. It was just perfect!


But, incredible as it may seem :)), I got over the pink phase. Oh, yeah! Well, kind of :))


Pink and green is different, right? :)))


  1. Hello Diana! I've been watching around your blog, because I've recently discovered it and I love it. So congratulations for your style, your fabric selections and the things you made.
    Kisses from Spain.

  2. Ha ha yea pink and green is a totally different story! :)
    Love all the pink goodness those quilts and pillows are lovely, especially the first!
    I am the grinch too, I could happily live without christmas!

  3. You have been very very busy: how beautiful all these quilts are, how pretty the fabrics and yes, I agree, pink and green is a completely different thing!

  4. Wow, that's a lot of sewing. They are all really beautiful.

  5. Oh, wow! You were soooo productive. I love all your pink quilts and pillows. I'm going through grey period - I want to make everything with some grey in it, pillows, quilts, pouches, table runners, everything. I'll see how long that lasts.

  6. Wow, Have your days extra hours or what? Besutiful works, your pinks are nothing to be ashamed of I love them, they are so special...
    Congrats on all of them! Awesome!!!!

  7. Oh wow, you have done so much! Loving the colours, the pink really pops and looks so rich and vibrant with your colour combinations. I especially love the princess baby quilt - you really know how to pick your squares, amazing combos. P.S Your photos are great, what are you talking about??


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