Sunday, September 25, 2011

Now that's a problem

The lovely Kathy, from Pink Chalk Fabrics, one of my favorite shops ever, featured my Little Prince Quilt in her newsletter and got myself with a 20$ gift certificate. I can't let it wait, can I? And how can I order for 20$? I have to fill a flat rate anvelope, don't you international buyers :D agree?

But, you see, I really need some solids. And I always buy my solids from FabricShack. The half price shipping, huge selection of solids and great price in unbeatable. So I have a full cart waiting there.

At the same time, after a week of exchanging mails, the lovely Monica from Mountain of the Dragon got me a special listing with pretty much every Echino I ever dreamt about. From fat eights to half yards of everything I am madly in love with.

And Hanckos of Paducah has free shipping [you need to be subscribed to their newsletter to find about great deals] and I really really really need some batting.

Of course, I'm making no money here staring at the Heirloom beauty and barely cutting some 1.5 " squares.


  1. This is an amletic doubt, I think.
    I do love reading you!

  2. I have to check all the shopping references you mention! You have a big question there to solve. Go for the solids!

  3. I know, I know, so many shops, so few $$ - it's torture! But I love those little bitty squares - did you do the interfacing thing with those?


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