Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to work in the same room with the kid

I may not be living close to Ikea anymore, but I surely learned all their products by heart.

So, we got ourselves a Svava. And since we cosleep and the kid doesn't actually have his room, what better place to stumble on a huge kid moving something but my work room?

IMG_3435 (Large)

The kid is, however, happy. Of course, not after I found the trick with the chair, keeping the whole shabang out of my way. He does take it out in a second and I'm dizzy everytime I look at him, but look what a great background for a picture :)

IMG_3432 (Large)


  1. It is a great, great idea. The Svava also looks very appealing all red and black.

  2. My children would kill themselves on that thing! Your son must be super coordinated. Speaking of coordinated, love the pillow. That windmill looks familiar ;)


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