Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Now what?

This happens to me all.the.time. I dream about a fabric, or, in this case, the whole line, I wait a lot to get the funding, order, 3 weeks to arrive, 1 week in customs and when I finally have it, I just stare at it. Stare in a good way, of course :D.

I felt in love with Joel Dewberry's Heirloom from the second I saw it, before it was even released. And I knew exactly what I want. And now, all I can do is stare :)

I have about 4 quilts in mind and have no ideea where to start. And, of course, it won't be enough fabric for 4 quilts, so I have to choose. Does this happen to you too? It's killing me!


  1. Oh ya....and I hope I use the fabric in a way that shows it off. I've failed at that before! Those are beautiful fabrics!

  2. Wow! Beautiful colours! I'm dying to see what comes out of it. Whatever it is it will be awesome, i'm sure! Staring at beautiful fabrics and dreaming about them is also a great pleasure, indulge yourself to it!

  3. Yes!All the time.
    I have pity on them...
    ...and I don't have so beautiful fabrics like yours...

  4. All. The. Time! I alternate between freaking out about what to do with it (because I want to do so much), and not having an idea 'good enough' for the fabric. It's really very tiring! I have no doubt that all of your ideas are fabulous though, and really look forward to seeing what you do with it. Especially those plum/purples, I never use those colours and would love to see what that clever brain of yours comes up with.

  5. Oh, yes! But after all this is the process of creation, isn't it?

  6. Oh, you're so right about staring at the fabric. I do that a lot. I just came across your blog and love all your creations, especially the quilts. I am so happy to see that all this quilting is catching on in Europe. I was born and raised in Slovakia, but live in the US so it's wonderful to see other blocks from that part of the world.


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