Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Other types of crafty stuff

I was sure I will never have the same post on my two blogs, the english one and the romanian one. Yeah, well, I'm laim

.the new kitchen 001

But since even Mrs. K, with a newborn, the fourth one, I might add, gets the time to write on her amazing blog, I have to be able to post here. And, well, no other photos here but the latest - very time consuming - project: the kitchen.

the new kitchen 005

I like to call it crafty just because we had to put it togheter (Ikea), but then again, not so crafty.

the new kitchen 002
I did, however, managed to make a cute not so little bag and I will have to tell you about the second project with piping. Now I just need to find time to take some photos.


  1. Long live IKEA! Love it, so fresh and bright and clean, definitely a cool Scandinavian vibe. And by the way, I actually think having a baby is easier than remodelling a kitchen, so you're one up on me!

  2. Dear Diana, I am glad to see you back. The kitchen looks very nice, I love Ikea they have a lot of nice stuff and the fabrics are great.
    I never noticed that you have other blogs, you are a busy lady indeed!


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