Saturday, February 26, 2011

6 degrees of separation

I hope you all know the theory because it's just awsome. As in awwwwsome.

Now let me aply this to quilting for you.

I'm a little nobody. New to quilting, new to flickr, newer to quilting blogging, english so not my first language. Buuut, guess what. I 'know' some people. And I'm very few steps away from having the world at my feets. Mu-ha-ha! :))))

So here's how the quilting's 6 degrees of separation works.

I was featured on romanian's Glamour edition this month. Not related with quilting and, don't hold you breath, not my looks either :)))). Still, it's a start. Oh, wait, was I talking about quilting? Oh, sorry, just wanted to brag :))))

Ok, seriously now. See the new banner on the right? --> The one with I was featured on Modern Day Quilts? Oh, forget it, I'll just put it here too. That's step one.

Modern Day Quilts

If you just left visiting the Modern Day Quilts blog (I kind of waited a little here, you know... ), you saw that it was just featured in Elle Decor’s Design Insiders’ Weekly Finds. Excuse me? The post after my quilt? I might and might not fainted a little. Just a little. Or maybe more. You'll never know. Mu-ha-ha again :))

Ok, this was step two.

I do have a step 3 in mind. He's just cruising right now but, hey, he's there. And then I'll be half way. Don't aks half way to what 'cause I have no ideea. Plus, I had no time at all to sew these days. But the future is so bright, isn't it ? :)))

P.S. I found a very easy way to resist the laminated Echino. Checked my account. A classic :)))


  1. Woo hoo! Soon you'll be so famous you won't talk to me any more!

  2. I've just found your blog over here in Australia! Love your use of color and designs. Looking forward to reading more of your quilting adventures!


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