Sunday, February 13, 2011

Learn romanian - lesson 1

The F word is also a F word. Small world, huh?

And just in case you didn't know, in italian is also a F word.

F1: I have a feeling the batting will stay in the customs more than it traveled from US to Europe

F2: I don't have any Olfa blades. Come again? Order, wait...I can only hope they'll arrive the same day as the batting. Otherwise I will be F-ing again, for the batting or the blades, depending who arives first.

F3: I started a quilt I just don't like. Started as in cut everything, pieced half, hate it, have no ideea what to do with it.

Now, do you really wanna see a big F day? Probably not, but hey, I'm gonna show you anyway :D
What do you see when you look at this pic?


Anybody? Come ooon... Something that looks like the top of an iron? Placed directly on the hand while ironing a binding? After a month of healing? Yeap. That's me.

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  1. How frustrating to not have your stuff arrive. Maybe the quilt you started isn't to bad??? I often hate stuff I'm doing and then something happens and I start to love it.


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