Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why was I so afraid of linen?

Ok, I was afraid of cutting my Echino, and I think that's obvious. 17$/yard? Brrr.... I doubt there's anybody who can't understand this :))) And I was afraid the linen will strech a lot and I won't be able to quilt it with straight lines.

After a discussion on the Flickr modern quilts group, I was ready to start.

echino quilt 06

The quilting went extremly smooth. Really, I couldn't belive it. I pinned very lightly, about 30 pins on the entire quilt. I figured it will strech a lot and I'll just leave it strech and see how it goes, adjust on the way. It was perfect!

The only tiny little poblem was that my last puple strip was smaller. About 1 cm on one side and almost 2 on the other one. And I noticed this after I quilted and cut the edges. Well, just a perfect place to put a tag.

echino quilt 03

Really, can you tell this was not on purpse? I love it! (ok, learn romanian lesson 2 - poarta-ma means wear me)

Another thing I love about this quilt is that I really wanted to use all the scraps. And even if I didn't have enough to make a rectangle (they all have the same dimensions) I still did it, with a little solid linen. And I think it looks great, completes the echino prints very well.

echino quilt 04

The blocks I made here are, for now, my favorites. I think I was really inspired by Melody Miller's Ruby Star Rising. I just didn't have the funds for her fabrics now (one Kokka per half year is enough for me :( ) but when I look at this quilt I think about her.

echino block 02

I had a lot of troubles choosing the back and the binding, but I think they complete they 60's look pretty good. And I'm always a sucker for the straight line quilting on the back.

echino quilt 07

It has about 100 x 160 cm, and I loooooove it. If only it wasn't a comisioned quilt and I wouldn't have payed the Echino :))))...

Echino quilt 01

P.S. Obviously, my batting is here. Finally!


  1. Oh, that is soooooo nice. I would be blubbing as I gave it away! Really love the binding, you've chosen well. Love the tag too, you're right it looks like it's exactly where it's supposed to be!

  2. This is really lovely and the tag is the perfect solution to the problem. Love it!

  3. Wow, it's perfect and I love it! It's too bad you don't get to keep it!

  4. It's worked out perfectly - beautiful quilt - and a fab tag!!

    .... but just imagine - Echino & Ruby Star Rising are more than £16 (that's $27) a metre here in the UK!!!! Crazy huh?!

    Enjoy your quilt - you need to save up and make a ruby star for you :)

  5. This is so beautiful....I love it.

  6. really gorgeous, as is your blog and your space. i love it all

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