Friday, February 18, 2011

How I made lots of tiny tiny squares

My inch side of Olfa might have passed away this week. Just when I was actually enjoying all the inch stuff. So, back to cm.

I think this might be my first striped piecing. And I love it!


I cut 5cm strips from my newly arrived white Kona. Man, I how I waited for it :) So, I cut these strips from Kona and also from some prints I looove. The prints I love have all different dimensions, so I had stips as big as 44", but also FQ strips and other tiny strips. I ended up with different leght strips, and I cut them all 5 cm multiple.


Ironed eveything very very well. Steamed too. I don't have a 1/4" foot, so I really needed the steam. Not badly, I just wanted to be sure everything is ok in the end.


Having different lenght strips gave me inequal no of the same type of strip. And this made me very happy :D. I wanted the squares to be as random as possible, and the fact that there wasn't the same number of blues, reds, purples... helped a lot.

I than made random blocks. 4 rows, 5 rows,10 rows.


At some point I realised that although I wasn't looking for a big quilt, I still didn't have enough squares. The good thing about those random blocks was that I could now mix them better. Not have half a quilt more bluish than the other.

And I mixed. And than I stared at the window for half an hour:D

Basting went fast, one pin at every 10 squares, adjusting as I quilted were necessary.


The flannel back looks great with the squares, although it is a strange optical illusion because of the circles and many lines seem to be bended.


The binding made with Rita's tutorial but no pins went smooth too, I just hand sewn the corners before machine stiching the whole thing.

Thee you have it! 1 3/8 " 480 squares. I love each one of them and all together :D



  1. Very pretty and colorful! I'm still working on mine from the Postage Stamp Quilt Along. My squares will come out to be 2 inches.

  2. Looks amazing!! I am glad all your stuff has you have to buy most of your fabrics online? I tried reply to one of your comments the other day but the email bounced back??? Technical difficulties maybe.

  3. Hi Diana,
    I clicked over here from Flickr, where I saw your quilt photos. This thing is just gorgeous......nice job !

  4. This is just awesome. Those colours remind me of jellybeans, 480 jellybeans. Yum! And yet again, perfect binding and backing. Thanks for the hints on the method. I would be stupidly sewing together all these little squares, one by one....duh.

  5. Just wanted to tell you that I just found your blog today and I think i'm in love :) Your quilting style is STUNNING! Your photos are SO inspiring! (I'm going to go finish the project on my machine so I can start something new!)
    Seriously. Amazing. I have this big ball of happy sewing joy in my ribcage yelling at me to get off the computer :)

  6. I was coming to say the exact same thing as the commenter above - I know I was a follower already but hadn't stopped and really looked around but your blog is just amazing, your quilts wonderful and your photos really stunning.

  7. Ok, I'm really blushing right now :). I'm on a short quilting break until I settle things to make more room for quilting :D. So hopefully I'll be able to rise to the expectations :).

    Thank you!

  8. beautiful!! I love the tiny squares!!

  9. hopped my way to your blog today for the first time - Very Cute stuff! and inspriational! I have this now on my to try list!

  10. That is really..really..really...cute!

  11. yes, your quilt is realy, realy cute. love it very much!
    many greetings from Austria!


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