Thursday, February 10, 2011

Still no batting

Nor Kona. But they are all in the custooooms!

Everything is waiting for them.


Yes, I really cleaned everything :))


Ok, I might have and I might have not arranged the pins.


or the threads


Still, it's clean, and waiting for the lady from the customs.

Wanna wait with me? :D


  1. I'll pass the time with you. I'm so glad I've never had to deal with customs and I'm so glad I'm not the only one that may or may not organize their pins! ~_^

  2. Looks least you are using your waiting time well. Never thought about the pins...oh dear, something else to organize!!!

  3. Wow wow wow, your blog is beautiful, your work is beautiful, I have a lego obsessed son too (the dyslexic one!) - I am adding this to my kona reader. I love your Echino blocks. Have you got a Kona colour card? They are a really good investment if you are going to continue working with solids - no nasty colour surprises when the fabric arrives. sells them.

  4. I'm lucky my daughter loves organising the pins, it keeps her out of trouble and I get a pretty pincushion.

    I have the same thing with customs. Whenever I order something just for stash it comes so quick (record so far is 5 days from the US), but when I actually need it for a project that I want to finish right NOW, it takes two weeks. Will cross my fingers for you!

    P.S I love those little collages you've made with your photos - so nice!
    PPS. Thanks Lynne for the tip re: Kona colour cards, gonna head over and look at that now.
    PPPS. Please be more careful with the iron, D!


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