Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cute useless stuff

That's all I was able to make last weeks.

The first useless thing was supposed to be for a contest. The only problem with it was that I made it the last minute. Literally. I knew about the contest for more than a month and, of course, I waited until late evening last day. And the same moment I started it, some guys came to measure our windows and .. well... let's just say I don't even like it. Pus the binding is awfull (it was supposed to be solid in strong colour but who could find it with those guys around? )Plus I never use mug rugs, so it is and will be completly useless.


The second useless thing was actually usefull after all , it now keeps all my make-up stuff. It's quite easy to tell I don't use make up too often :D.

cute little useless thing

I made the third one just because I really felt I wanted to do something and I had some Echino leftovers after framing. And although this one I love, I have a very strong feeling I won't be albe to use it, it's such a strange dimension.
cute longer useless thing

[Duh, I must get rid of that red working area]

Now I'm going to try to finish two very simple todler quilts in 2 days. And pack. And hopefully make pics before leaving.


  1. I never use mug rugs either - not sure where that craze eventuated from - but maybe you could use it to put hot stuff on so it doesn't burn your kitchen bench? Or something??? Love the two cases though - is the second one long enough for crochet needles or pencils or anything like that? Or empty bobbins, camera cleaning gear, ummmmm, just echino scraps? Don't you dare throw it away, because you know the day you do, you will find the perfect thing for it to hold!
    Good luck with the pressure sewing.

  2. Kirsty is always full of ideas, she said exactly what I wanted to say!
    Those pouches are so cute, never through them away!



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