Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In a big hurry

I am.
Moving out in 2 days. Of course, before starting packing, I needed to finish this quilt.

It was horible. I don't think that is something bad that could have happened but didn't.

First, my walking foot started making a strage noise and I had to piece it with a regular foot. Lots of pulling, lots of cutting small blocks.

Than I started quilting and my walking foot died. (let me repeat what I said in the previous post, just in case you missed. Do not attempt to fix your walking foot by yourself, in the middle of the night. It won't work! Trust me, I've been there) I had to leave for a week and when I got back I just couldn't quilt it anymore. There was a lot of pulling, the only chance of having it quilted was to go with paralel lines. This or free motion and ...well.. I'm just not the free motion kind of girl :))


Than, I got out of white thread. I figured that it wouldn't be to obvious if I used a pinkish kind of white. And it wasn't. Not until I got out of this one too. And used a green one :))


But you know what? I love it. It's a keeper. And I cannot belive how much I love it after it's washed. A beauty!

And yes, it is very very appealing to others too :)))



  1. I'm not surprised its a keeper, it turned out gorgeous! The straight line quilting works great and love your pics of it :-)) Well done you!

  2. It looks great.....sorry about the broken foot.

  3. I love it too! The frustrations were worth it ... and that doesn't happen too often!

  4. Very, very beautiful. I am not a free hand quilter either, I am told that practice does it, perhaps I am too impatient.
    Good luck for your moving, I was there last October and...still recovering!

  5. Oh, it's lovely! Stop complaining :) Good luck with the move, I don't enjoy it much either. Hope it all arrives safely!


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