Friday, April 15, 2011

Tiny quick project

... to keep my mind sane.

After packing a couple douzens boxes and rearranging a tiny part of them I decided it was about time to do something for me. And fast.

We moved to a much smaller town, where I don't have to leave with a huge bag after me, so a wallet to fit my jeans was the perfect project.


I love it! Shrinked it two times, it is now perfect for money and one credit card. And it actually feets in my jeans pocket. And I love it. Oh, wait, I said it again :)).

And the day we arrived, a lot of backing stripes waited for me at the post office. On sale, all of them. Such a good start!

Now I have to finish unpacking, so in a couple of month I'll be ready for bigger projects :)))


  1. Oh, I love that little wallet, its adorable!

  2. A good idea, I would like one for myself, maybe you will write a little tutorial?
    I am glad to hear that you safely moved, now you only need time and PATIENCE to get organised in your new home...I am still moving stuff around after 6 months!


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