Sunday, May 1, 2011

6 months

[Post full of pictures of old quilts. Just so you know :)]

Checking my card the other days, I discovered that today me and my sewing machine celebrate half an year togheter :). I sewed a lot before, I even had a couple of shy attempts to quilt (on my mom's industrial machines that I hate), but I can say I feel I became a quilter only when I bought Alice. Yeah, I'm lame, I have a name for her.

Anyway, I started looking though my pics and realised that I made a looot of quilts and I still love each and every one.

I started with pastel quilts, only because I had virtualy no stash. Well, I have a room full of fabrics, but none for quilting. And the pastels felt the safest to start with.


I had quite a few very simple quilts with lots of white.


Than more white, but I discovered the heavyer quilting


As you can see, I loove white in quilts but I am glad I tried something else too.


Even if sometimes I just make the same thing in different colours


I really enjoyed making bright red, orange and blue quilts, even though I would never ever wear such colours. Than again, I don't have to wear them, right?

fire quilts

And also strong couloured quilts

strong colours quilts

Somehow I always come back to white :))

And I am glad I tried the pillows too. But even happier I didn't become addicted or something :)))

the pillows

But the quilts I love most are the ones I made that doesn't resemble with anything else I've seen.


And you know what? Looking at all these pictures after quite some time beeing busy with the moving and related stuff, I realised not onlyI love quilting but I also miss it a lot. So yeah, I'll be back. Terminator style :)))


  1. Great Post....they all look so nice.

  2. Lovely! And the last one is so beautiful...

  3. It's good to see how your style changes! Beautiful quilts there!

  4. wow, you make such lovely quilts!

  5. I can not believe that you made so many quilts and all so pretty.
    I know that you have been very busy and I am happy to see you back.

  6. This post is the best - it's like getting to look through your quilt storage cupboard and seeing all your works. Love 'em all and you should be proud at how much you have achieved, I'm seriously in awe. Looks like you and your new(ish) machine make a mean combination! Hope you find some time to sew soon.


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