Saturday, May 14, 2011

And the shot cottons

Did I say they are really really thin? I did.
And the shift a lot. And pull. And are a pain to quilt.


Are they worthy? Sorry, not for me.

I bought about 5 colours. Yes, there's an awsome purple ( I like purple) and a great orange, but the rest... Let's just say I wouldn't buy them anymore. Not even the ones I liked.

I remember I once saw a quilt made by Rita at RPQ, with small squares, very colourful and with lots of purple shot cottons. This women in terrific! I had the most horrible time working with these fabrics and I'm sure my squares weren't as small as hers.


And don't get me started on the grey ones. Have you ever seen a homeless with incredibly dirty clothes? The ones that used to be black in anotherlife? That's my gray shot cotton.

Now, I'm sure that there are people that love these colors. And textures. Actually I read a lot of great things about them before purchasing. We are all different and it's perfectly fine. But for my few readers that have similar tastes... I won't do it again :) Ah, maybe for a really thin hot summer blouse, 10 years from now... :)


And what an amazing choice for the back! The stripes I said I won't use. Even the pictures are all wrong.

The fabrics reallt go very well toghether. And the quilt is really nice, I like it a lot.
But the amount of work? So not worthy :(


  1. Thanks! I appreciate a "real life experience" type reviews. It is a beautiful quilt though so in the end the extra work was worth it! Right???

  2. Well, it looks nice and well sewn but it is not the best thing that you have made, to my taste. But since we learn from our mistakes, I am sure this effort was worth.

  3. I'm sorry your experience with the shot cottons was so disappointing ......I'm in the middle of using them myself. I love using them....I know they take a little getting used to. Spray starch can be helpful.

    Your quilt turned out beautiful.

  4. I so understand these shot cotton posts! I have just got some and yes, that purple is amazing, but, like you, I do find it quite slippy.

    I'm with Mari Quilts - I starch the life out of it!

    Oh ... and I use my walking foot to piece. That REALLY helps :)

  5. It might have been a pain to work with, but it is a nice product. Hopefully, like childbirth, you will just look at the end result with pride and forget about how it came into the world? :)) I guess starch helps, but boy I am getting lazy in my old age and would just rather use a fabric that doesn't need it. I imagine it's a very soft feeling quilt though - those soft, slippery types (like the voile) make for beautiful feeling quilts?


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