Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's been a while...

hasn't it?

A lot of things happened around here, and nothing quilting related. However, the fact that I found the quilting world helped me so much in designing my  soft structured carriers .

I finished my first round of SSCs, and let me just say I am incredibly proud of myself.

Two of my all times favorite fabrics got together, a Joel Dewberry and a Laurie Wisbrun one.


Don't they look like they're made for each other? :)

Also, I indulged myself in some fabulos Amy Butler designs that I am so in love with right now.


The feel of her satin home decor fabrics is just amazing, they're strong, but not too stiff, and the bit of shine the satin has makes them incredible!

I also chose some Lecien fabrics, just to find out that they're not available anymore anywhere.


Well, we'll see about that :).

Do you see those cute little shoes? Yeap, JD again. I still love Heirloom.


A lot :D.

The only problem I have is that now, when I finally have time to start quilting again, all the fabrics I had in mind from, what, January?, are sold out. And the new stuff is! so many new things, I feel so overwhelmed trying to browse my favorite stores.

Does this happen to you too? How can I choose now?
And what about new Echino? Nothing? Nada?

I so need to get out there a.s.a.p :)


  1. Wellcome back! Lots of fabrics and amazing new patterns are waiting for you. Enjoy!

  2. Welcome back! you should start out with Washi fabric. Go google it - buy it at :) End of story. The fabrics are a bit "bossy" with other fabrics so go with the whole line. :) lol. Blame me, the enabler.

  3. Hello! Good to see you again! I second browsing Hawthorne Threads, I love their new and coming soon categories for seeing what's out there. I'm not buying too much as I'm still trying to get over the mental hurdle of fabrics now costing $10 a yard. Yikes.
    Happy shopping and sewing! x

  4. P.S. The carriers look awesome - you've done a fantastic job with your business!

  5. Your carriers are fantastic. And your photography is really beautiful! Congrats!

  6. Thank you so much for picking my card as one your winners from the teddies challenge, it is such an honour.
    Thank you for all your hard work in making the challenge so successful, it's a shame that the challenge is ending but I can totally understand your reasons and wish you all the best.
    Sue xx obat penggugur kandungan


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