Saturday, January 28, 2012

I am so predictable

I still have no time to sew but at least I'm starting to buy stuff again. For inspiration, of course.
And even though the orange/blue Heirloom that I wanted so much turned out to be pretty uninspiring and I ended up selling half of it, I really love the purple one.

So as I was filling up a flat rate envelope with some white Kona that I really needed, I decided to make room for just a little Heirloom.

I took pretty much everything in purple and no disappointment here, they are all perfect!

Plus, I couldn't help buying some more of these flowers, they really are one of the best prints I've seen lately.

But no, that;s not all. I also received the fabrics for my next babywearing products. No, no Echino, but....

How predictable am I again? :))

I probably won't have anything to show you in the next month either, as I am focusing on the babywearing products right now, so I'm wishing everybody a lot of snow and a lot of time to play with it :). Or just sun and tan, if you live on the other half of the globe :)


  1. I love heirloom. Just bought two of those prints to make a bag, although I haven't started yet!
    Have a good winter!

  2. I love heirloom too. I'm doing my bee quilt out of the citrus colors next month. I can't wait to see it all in action!

  3. Oh snap, I bought two yards of the flowers in pink, for a quilt backing. although the more I look at it the more I want to embellish it with embroidery. I have embroidery on the brain.
    PS. sent you something on Thursday - let me know when (if?) it makes it!


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