Thursday, January 26, 2012


I have not touched my sewing machine for more than a month. However, I touched the industrial one more than once.

But I do have a reason to post here today, I have almost finished the Echino stash.


As usual, I used every scrap of Echino.


Man, I love these fabrics!


  1. That is seriously the cutest baby carrier ever! Beautiful photos too.

  2. What a lovely idea, this is beautiful!

  3. Didn't know you worked on baby carriers! You're an artist! I too love your echinos. And it's your fault that I fell in love with Joel Drewberry "Heirloom" ;)
    What other fabric lines do I have to discover yet?
    Thanks :))

  4. Ohh I love your Mei Tai, the fabrics are so beautiful! I did one of those a few months ago ( you can see it if you want here: and I think it's very useful, here in Spain we call the women o man that carry a Mei Tai mamá-canguro ( kangaroo moms).
    Best wishes.


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