Monday, October 10, 2011

The mom and the accuquilt

When I first started buying designer's quilting cotton I thought they were soooo expensive. Ok, I still do, but at least I got over the shock phase :). So when I made the supermom quilt, although I really loved it and felt it was my quilt, I decided to list it in my shop because it seemed just too expensive for me.

50 + quilts later, this one not only did not sell [it had the longest life in my shop and I'm sure the crappy pics helped a lot :))))] but matched my 3 sisters pillows perfectly. So, you know what, I'm sure I deserve it :)

Plus, the backing is just perfect for a more quiet look.

On the other hand, I just received the Go!Baby from Accuquilt and started playing with it.! Cutting is so incredibly simple, it just makes the fabric waste totally worthy. I will tell you more about it and probably forget a link to my romanian blog post when the giveaway will happen there ;), but just needed to say it is awesome. And I didn't expect it to be that awesome :)

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  1. The quilt looks beautiful on your couch, don't you ever sell it!
    The accuquilt, I've seen it in American blogs but I don't really know how it works. Can you please, please, tell us a bit more. Did you buy from the US? I've seen they have different sizes. Which one did you choose? Thanks a lot for sharing!


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