Sunday, October 23, 2011

Two new pillows

I finally got a chance to play a little with the Go! cutter. I really love it, you know? :)
The only problem I really have with it, is that it doesn't piece :D. Really, cutting tumblers or circles is a PITA, but even when they're perfectly cut it's still darn hard to piece.

Anyway, for one of them I used the tumbler, for the other the drunkard's path. I love both of them equally.

patchork-pillows (4)

But as I was taking pictures today, I realized that although my mom kept saying they are winterish :), they look so autumn to me. Don't ask me why, I just feel like I'm preparing for winter but I'm not there yet :)

Each of them has a zippered back and they look so much nicer than the envelope ones. I have to add zippers from now on!

patchork-pillows (3)

I tried the rounded corners for the pillow because I keep planning a kokeshi quilt [for almost an year, since I received this kokeshi book] and the round corners were a must.

patchork-pillows (1)

You have to admit they're pretty cool :)

patchork-pillows (2)

I'm adding this pillow to Rachel's Celebrate Colour in Home decor for Octomber. Just in case you didn't see what others made, you should really take a look.


I'm so ready for winter here :)


  1. Oh, I love them. Between you and Kirsty you have made me feel ashamed of the pillows on my sofa. I will have to work on them as soon as I go back home.
    Well done, yours are beautiful, winterish or not.

  2. I'm in love with Tumbler blocks... and the colour choices you have in this are fabulous!

  3. Hadn't seen this post. They look beautiful! I rally like your choice of fabrics, they look autumn to me, very leaf-like color.

  4. Wow those are adorable!! I love the colors and especially love the rounded corners!!

  5. OMG. LOVE. The colours, the corners, fantastic! Wishing I had chosen the drunkard's die now, that is very cool. Am racing against time to finish my tumbler quilt. One thing I'll say for that Celebrate Colour contest, it's really helping me get things finished!

  6. Those are great pillows! And, yes, I do love those rounded corners.


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