Monday, October 3, 2011

A Tale of three sisters

Do you ever wonder how the-crafty-people-you-follow are, in real life? Do they like the same music with you? The same movies? Are they parents? Your kind of parents? Would you become friends if you lived near by? Would they be those obnoxious neighbors?

3sisters (4)

I remember the moment I decided to follow Rachel at Stitched in colour was the one she mentioned she would like to try homeschooling with her kids. For me, it mattered more than the fact that we don;t have the exact same tastes or not like the same things. And I decided her work can still be inspiring for me because of her parenthood dreams.

So today, to all of you my 50 followers :), I am going to talk about me. And my sisters.

3sisters (3)

You see, we're not really sisters. We met on the internet and we're pretty different and pretty much alike in the same time.

We met when we were all in the beginning of our motherhood journey. And we followed different roads, with the same purpose.

3sisters (1)

Sis 1, the youngest and still crazy one :), finished her Lamaze and doula classes and now she teaches soon-to-be-moms about natural birth, about beeing themselves and trusting themselves. I guess she's the blue one with crazy crosses, crazy quilting and a touch of red.

Sis 2 finished her training with La Leche League and now helps mom with brestfeeding. She's quite a lady and the oldest, the red crossed one is just like her.

And me, sis 3 :), I have a babywearing business, trying to help moms keep their babies close as much as they need. I recentlly got involved less and less, turning to my family for a change and just keeping it low. I should be the whitish one.


So that's the real me, the one you don't get to see very often, part of a beautiful family, daughter of the attachment parenting romanian site, sister of two amazing ladies, mother of an, obviously, extraordinary child that I chose not to expose on the internet.


So who are you? :)

P.S. Did you see A tale of two sisters? Now that's a creepy movie :)


  1. Funny, I've followed you for quite a short time, but I liked you immediately. I am a mother of two (4 and 2) and even though you don't say it openly, you let it show. You are the kind of mum I like! Thanks for sharing this post!

  2. Thanks for sharing....I think that as time goes on we get a glimmer of people's personalities through their blogs, in their work and in what they say. For some reason we are drawn to some sites more than others. I always enjoy coming here.

    I hope the real me shows through my blog as I share my quilt journey.

    Great post.

  3. Interesting thought? If there is one thing I'm passionate's quilting and if I follow someone it's because I love what they do with their quilting and I instantly have that connection with them. And who am I? I have my strong religious beliefs..I love my five kids...and I love to quilt!!

  4. I'm a mum and quilter too (which is why we get along so well :), but not so sure anymore who I am 'outside the house' as far as work goes. At the moment I'm just really enjoying being with my children during these important years (0-7), trying to make the most of all the good things that come my way and ignoring the rest!


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