Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Best birthday present

I should say that, in our family, presents are not really a surprise. First because I hate surprises, second because, well, my mom was never able to keep a secet and I always received presens days before the day :). Following fammily tadition :)) we got out that evening and I was suppose to buy something...anything that's making me want it :)

Just when I thought I might be to underground for the stores we visited...Yumi showed up.

IMG_6887 (Large)

It is such an inspirational book. I could only see quilts and crafty stuff after :)
And the costumes....TDF :)

IMG_6874 (Large)

The visual effect this book had on me...just wow!

IMG_6871 (Large)

Bonus, I found Daisy too. When I met Yumi, the first thing I wanted to do was open the book. I just knew it is perfect.
When i saw Daisy...well...the first thing I said was WTF? :))) Really, Mr Dark sneaking into a little girl's room? W.T.F?

IMG_6896 (Large)

Although I would not recommend this book for a kid, I think it is a beautifull book and the immages just make me wanna quilt :D

Daisy & Mr Dark

IMG_6902 (Large)

There' more on my Flickr.

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  1. your quilts are so pretty! thanks for the sweet message you left on my blog. happy holidays!

    -melody miller


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