Monday, December 6, 2010

A series of fortunate events

* Out of 221 colours I managed to buy the same exact colour twice. A colour that I don't actually use to often, I just liked it as in I-know-I-will-get-use-it. Eventually ... So I found myslef with 1,5 yard of a dark kona, when 90% of my quilts are sashed in white. And use kind of fresh colours.
(Now really, what are the odds? Ok, I know I'm not the smartest one around when I forgot I ordered a dark red the day before. Then again, the same dark red? Two different shops, both with quite a large selection of Kona? You know, that many many many Konas?)
And no, I don't know the name :))

*Surfing the net I found an incredible pic on Flickr. I just loved it and the next minute I already had the pattern in my head. Guess who just found a use of that grape Kona :D ( It seems I did not add it as a favorite after all and I have no ideea how to find it. But will try and add it here when I find it)
Ha, here it is:
Show & Tell Oct 2010

*I managed to find Monaluna's Mingle in the right colour, the one I was in love with before I started quilting. It was even on sale. What could I have ask more? Oh, yes, I know, a very nice lady behind all this. Perfect!

* I found a great shop for all Amy Butler dots. It's closed right now, but they have lots and lots of dots. You know, the Love & Lotus dots? As in best dots ever? And best colours ever? Oh yes. And good prices too. Oh, and super fast shipping. And A+ customer service. And no, they don't pay me for this :)))

So, after all this and one small drawing just to be sure that what I have in my had can actually be done, not like the frames on the TDF quilt [do you see my eyes rolling here?], everything came up really quick. I already had all the small squares (5") and the larger ones were really easy to cut. After I decided on the size of the sashing. [Did you see the bold on the 'after'? Yes, I did cut a few rectangles a little to early]

The top was ready in no time and so was the rest of it. I was happy to see that dark sashing makes much more easier the thread cutting. As in I did not bother to cut all the threads on the back of the top, like I do when I use white sashing. What a relief!

So...Ta-da! The Princess quilt.

Princess 05

And here's a pic with a more accurate colour of the sashing.

Princess 06

When I saw that quilt with wavy lines I said well, this is one thing on saw on RPQ that I will not do. Ha! The back was just cring for some waves. So I took a deap breath and did it. I think it turned out really good but I doubt I will do it again.

Princess - back

If you didn't have enough pics, there's more on Flickr.


  1. You should make mistakes like that all the time - the quilt is beautiful, love the colours and the design. Well done!

  2. Thanks a lot, Kristy! I can't wait for pics with your pixalated quilt in use :)

  3. I love this quilt! How lucky that you had so much grape Kona on hand :) i reckon this quilt could be called 'Quilter's Jigsaw' - I have been looking at it for ages working out how you have pieced it. You are very clever!

  4. I just found your blog after seeing this quilt on flickr. It is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


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