Friday, November 26, 2010

My new TDF quilt

It seems that almost every quilt I make is the one I like best at that time. Of course, unless I really hate it :))) Fortunatly, this one is TDF in my book.

IMG_6042 (Small)

I was so obssesed with this one that I actually dreamt about a way to make those frames. Of course that after I actually tried doing them like in my dream it turned out it wasn't possible so I ended up with twice as much work to fix them. Good thing I only started two blocks like this...

IMG_6022 (Small)

And a WIP pic with more real color of the background, quite greenish actually.

It's almost 40 x 50 " and I have added more photos, including a detail of the fame in my flickr quilts set


  1. Diana, that is fantastic. I LOVE it! And those frames really make it sing - so glad you persevered with them. Beautiful work.

    P.S I really love the quilting, too, adds a lot to the design

  2. What a beautiful crafty journey! love the colours you use in the quilts.
    Happy weekend, love Maaike

  3. It's very striking. The thin lines are so inventive. I know what you mean about liking each quilt better than the next - a good thing for an artist!

  4. Was a beautiful quilt! What does TDF stand for? Tour de France? I finished my TDF quilt (Tour de France) quilt and hung it at a library this past weekend. You can see it on my blog. I found you from the flicker group Fresh Modern Quilts.

  5. Thank you very much ladies.

    TDF is from to die for :))

  6. I absolutely love this quilt. I love seeing the process.

  7. I found you through flickr - I love this quilt. It is absolutely stunning! I love the tiny black frames and how it makes everything feel like it's floating. I also dig how you made the background a little different color.

  8. yes yes, that's one amazingly awesome quilt. I'm seriously in love with it. Great work!


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