Sunday, November 14, 2010

A hard to make quilt

It all started very very well. And it finished the same. But the process...ah, the process...almost dried me out.

I started putting favorite fabrics two but two, not knowing what I was going to make. Went to two colours pinwheel, aborted, then to print plus white pinwheels...

... moved them about one hunderd times, found the perfect spot for each, found the right amount of sashing, basted to death with hundred of pins and...

Well, that's pretty much all the fun part. 'cause at some point, my sewing machine decided to get stucked in a tiny thread caught somewhere under the bobin.

One night and 2 hours trip to Brother later, nobody was there to fx it.
Another night and another 2 hours trip to Brother later, the machine was cleaned.
Another night and half quilted quilt later, the machine started leaving black oil staines all over the quilt. And the fact that I decided to quilt around the squares, therefore move the quilt a lot, did not help at all. Nor the fact tha I somehow didn't see the first staines and things got only worse as I kept quilting.

Hours of crying later, the quilt was washed but still had one black point.

Then a nother fun part came along with a great ideea, to hand sew a little.

Despite my anti-washing-quilts-before-giving-policy, I really think that this quilt might just be able to leave my house at some point. But only after I am really sure I really really really don't need another quilt, because, well, I love it!


  1. Hi Diana, thank you for thinking of me! Now, you must tell me more about this peeling - do you mean getting a layer of some sort of fluff on the fabric? Can I ask what kind of batting (wadding) did you use in your quilt. I had already decided to keep this quilt for myself, but now even more so as I don't want to give it as a gift and have it perform badly! Any info you can pass on would be greatly appreciated.


    PS This one is just gorgeous. I don't know how you'll be able to give it away. The hand quilting is really lovely.

  2. Diana, I can't seem to get an email through to you, my server keeps rejecting your server, saying it won't connect. I'm not sure what is happening there.
    But I know exactly what you mean, we call it pilling, when small balls begin to form on the surface of the material/wool/whatever.

    Thanks for letting me know, I will be sure to keep an eye on mine.


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