Friday, November 5, 2010

Don't sleep and sew

I grew up with a work at home mom. Designing, sewing, crafting. I learned to sew just like I learned to talk: with no training, just by watching and playing. And I never got into sewing grammar :) until 20 yers later. So every now and then, after improvising, free sewing a lot and getting all covered in thoughts while sewing (that's the sleep while you sew phase), I get an epiphany.

As I said before, I don't really like borders, but I also don't like having the binding bite from the quilt's design. I tried adding another tiny white border, as almost all my quilts are sashed in white. But as I was finishing my not-so-pink-after-all quilt, it stroke me: the binding wasn't the only one biteing, it was also the qulting that was deceiving.

So after I quilted it, instead of cutting the excess batting and back up to the front's dimensions, I left another 1/4" all the way around, from backing fabric and batting.

[lousy pic, i know)

Also, I made the last row of quilting not 1/4" from the edge, but 1/4" from another 1/4" left as the sewing allowence, that doesn't really exist when you talk about the edge of the quilt.

Well, the ideea came half way quilting, so 2 edges are quilted 1/4" from the edge, the others - 1/2"

You can actually see the difference between left/right and up/down.

I really really like the way it looks now, I feel it looks like somebody thought about all the details before making the quilt, witch is not really true in my case :D

And here's the closeup of the good edge.

Yes, definitely a good day!

P.S. When i say 1/4", I obviously mean 4mm. Or 5. Sometimes 6.


  1. I like that idea of keeping the quilting away from the edge so you have a kind of frame before the binding - I like that you thought of something new!

  2. Such a simple, yet brilliant idea! I don't square my quilt up before I put my binding on though, but I'm sure I could still do it, with a bit of a sit down and think, because right now, without material in front of me I just can't think the process through.

    Gorgeous quilt too :)


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