Monday, October 18, 2010

Love and hate quilt

I know that people like different things and what's ugly for some might be gorgeus for others. But when I make something that I consider ugly, I guess I'm in title to say it out loud :)

It started really nice, with White Kona and my all time favorite, Wendy Slotboom. Small butterflies that made me smile looking at them.

Did I mention I always have at least one lego guy watching?

Things stopped pretyy much here because I only had a small piece of Breeze and couldn't find something to mach them. Than one evening I decided I have to many QIP and I need to start finishing them. And something very bad happened: I decided to use a fabric I do not like. At all. Even if it was the binding only, if you add a not so inspired border, it's the key to failure.

Funny thing, though, the minute I started taking the pictures, I rememberd why I loved this quilt before the binding (and border) and right now it doesn't seem so ugly anymore. I guess it will be forever a between-love-and-hate-quilt

Plus, it was my first time trying Rita's binding and, although I thought I will never be able to do it, or at least I'll have all my fingers bleeding, this didn't happen. It's almost perfect, much better than I immagined. And I realise I can make it perfect, so it must be a good quilt after all.

And the back...well...I love this fabric. It's way out of my confort zone with too big prints for me, but the way it feels and the way it completes a small scale quilt...well..I'll be using it again for sure.


  1. Now I've found your other blog too!

    I don't know what you're talking about Diana, this quilt is gorgeous!! I love the blue border, and the use of a paler print for the binding. I think it will definitely grow on you. And great use of a big print on the back, it's lovely! (I have some of the green and black prints with birds - Ikea, yes!?)

    I hope this comment makes it. My Romanian is not so good.

  2. Kristy, oh no, you don't speak romanian? Shame on you :)))) Such a well known language and beloved all over the world... =))

    In the meantime I added some hand stitching in :D. It looks much better, I'll take pics soon.

    Thanks a lot for droping by.


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