Thursday, October 21, 2010


One of the things I love in quilting is that I do it for pleasure. I create whatever I like and, if somebody else like it and eventualy wants to buy, that's fine. Ok, it's more than fine :). But I could never see myself making a quilt for somebody, or making a quilt with someone's fabrics. At least not in the near future.

So I decided to make a gift, for a friend with a 3mo baby. Things were really ok until I started thinking what would they (the parents) like. And from that moment on, things got only worse. I can't, for the love of God, decide what to do. I have less than 48h left and i cannot move a finger. I have too many ideeas but none of them seem to fit them enough.

I already stopped one quilt in the process, the frame on the squares seems too big for I wanted and now, of course, I don't love the colours anymore. Or prints. Or blocks. Grrrr...

The solid is actualy a Moda Teal, so the colours are very wrong in this pic. Still doesn't say anything to me :|


  1. I'm probably too late here, and you've already missed your deadline, but I think once you quilt this it will look a lot better to you. It might just be all the borders putting you off, but once they have some quilting in them, they won't seem so overbearing? I think it's very cute and great for a little boy or girl really (I love girls in blue, can't help it). Good luck!

  2. And I love boys in pink :D. Well, it turned to green in the end so it should be ok.


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