Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Scraps and fireworks quilt

A while ago I found in a very small store in my (very small) home town some fabrics and bought a lot of them for about 1,5$/m. They're all quite thin, thinner than regular quilting cotton and also have a satin finish so it's quite hard to work with them. But I like them a lot and today one of the, just poped up when I was in desperate need for a backing.

A few days ago, when I made the love&hate quilt, I tried using piano claps for the border. I realised they were way too big, but the leftovers reminded me of Rita's tutorial. The moment I finished the first quilt, I started cutting pieces for the scrap quilt. Of course I didn't measure, just looked at how big I would like them to be and then realised I have a problem with the middle white squares, they were 3 5/8". Nice number to work with...

I used the tutorial until I got to quilting. I am not too found of diagonal lines, so I went with simple straight lines, just the way I like it. At some point I realised my walking foot is making me problems again and, to avoid any bulk fabric when crossing the lines, i decided to do a little hand quilting too.

I love hand qulting but with the right needle that I didn't have, so my fingers are still in recovery after only 4 rows of hand stiches on a baby quilt.
Note to self: go buy good needles.

I used again Rita's binding and it's getting better. One thing I did different from the tutorial, was adding a little white border before the binding. I like it better when the binding doesn't bite the edge squares. I'll try make it invisible next time (putting the white border exactly the binding width so the design remains unchanged and the white doesn't show), but I have to fix my walking foot before this.

Of course, every quilt makes me learn something, usually that there's still something that can go wrong that I didn't think about. But, at some point, all the surprises will finish. Hopefully :)

Did I mention what I found when I was changing the foot? A power miner with a snowtrooper mask. A classic ...


  1. I love hand quilting and I must say, your hand quilting is beautiful! and the quilt is lovely, too.

  2. Thank you, Mary. Wow, great hand sewing I saw on your blog, I'll sure be visiting it again :)


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