Thursday, October 28, 2010

(not so) Funny things happen when you're stupid

I finally decided what to do with all the pink. I'll only use some and sash them in white. Smart, right?

Considering the fact that I made a decision, I started rearanging the pieces so they look nice in 7x9, not 10 x 12. Be smart, I said to myself, don't lay them down or you'll make 101 trips to the floor and back to the sewing table. Arrange them on your mat! Smart, right?

Well, one piece led to another and in no time (read more than 1 hour) the pieces were all lined up, ready to be sewn. With the white stripes. Smart again, I know.

Now can anybody tell me why i didn't cut the white straps before putting all the pieces in order on my cutting map? Anybody? Who's the smart one now?

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