Monday, October 25, 2010

Upgrade to the love (and hate) quilt

I might have found that thing that really changes the love& hate into I love this quilt.

I added some hand stiching. It was quite challenging to find a way to hide the threads because I did it after the quilt was finished. It turned out quite nice and I am tinking about adding an orange touch. Just thinking, for the moment.

Now I'm having another dilema. Is there such a thing as too much pink?
In quilting, of course. I'm sure everybody knows what too much pink in real life means.


  1. I think it would come up fine, it would look busy but i think it's a nice look for a baby quilt. You could always add a few solid white squares here and there to 'calm' it down a bit? Or white sashing between the blocks?

  2. Yes, I am really thinking about combining them with equal amount of white. Gotta take more pics...

  3. What charming fabrics! It is not too much pink!


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