Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yeah, baby!

I am so out of my bad hair day. Or bad quilt day. Or lost inspiration day.

How did I do it:
  • told my self I cannot possibly make a quilt that makes both (quilte different) parents happy, be a baby quilt, and like it myself.
  • stopped everything and did something I actually enjoyed
  • started all over

First, I took off the table everything I took out for this quilt.

Then I remembered I had a quilt with awfull binding but it mached very fell with the butterflies that I just received. So I changed it.

It maked me feel very good to have, quite quickly, something nice ready. And it made me feel good about myself and gained a lot of points for the moral.

ThenI thought about a quilt I would really like to make. Nice, smooth, warm, just like for a tiny baby. And even though it was not for the mom, nor for the dad, I think I got a lovely baby quilt. As in, you know ... for a baby?

And a quite diferent and crazy back. I was lucky to find a binding that had white dots on green and white and red stripes, so it mached perfectly: dots for the froand stripes for the back. Didn't pay enough attention when joining binding at 3 am, but still looks great.

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