Friday, November 5, 2010

I love life in metric

I love base 10. You know, count to ten and start over? Yes, metric system is beautifull. And easy.
10 mm = 1 cm.
100 cm = 1m.
1000m = 1 km.

How tall are you? 1, 60 m. Or 160 cm.
How simple is this? Well, just as simple as masuring weight. Simple, clean numbers. How many kg do you have? 50? 60? 72?

See? Life in metric is simple.

Than, in my beautifull metric life, something terrible happened. Quilting came along! Ok, it's not a problem that everybody's talking in half yards, half inches, 3/8, 5/8, I never really care about making a certain size quilt, so I just go along. But did you see the Olfas? No, really, did you ever look at the metric side of an olfa cutting mat? It's ok, I'll wait for you to turn it and see the back.

Saw it? Ok. Now try looking at it for an entire minute. I'll wait again.

A-ha! Came back after 15 seconds, right? Well, yes, I know I am right. You just cannot use the metric side of an Olfa. It makes you dizzy, you can't follow the numbers and you

Good bye sweet metric life. Good bye 15 cm blocks with 0.5 seam allowance and 14 cm finished block. Good bye 75x120 cm quilts.

Welcome 1/4", 5/8" and 76,2x127.


  1. I hear you diana, we do everything in metric in Australia too. But I find I only work in inches when I quilt. It's just easier. Except when it comes to all the 'how many inches in a yard or foot' 'how many inches in a metre' that sort of thing. Very complicated!

  2. Ah, don't get me started with how many inch in a yard. I just cam't remember. Never.

    I just bought, among others, a leftover of a beautifull fabric that's 35". I can't say if I made a good deal or not. I know I could check but I also know I will instantly forget so I don't bother anymore :D

  3. Couldn't agree more, after the first few days, my cutting mat was switched to the inch side. And stayed there.

  4. Inch, cm, yard,...
    please give me "cm", but I don't quilt
    not get!

  5. Cm rulz :D
    However, olfa mat rulz too :))


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