Monday, December 20, 2010

Great things happen when you're out of white

I didin't feel the quilting love (ok, read obsession) until I bought my White Kona bolt. And this was only a couple of month ago. I felt so inspired by the white that I used it in almost every quilt I made (that's without the princess quilt when I had a tottaly different thing in mind).

You can visualise the panic when I realised I only have about 2 meters left. After one day of searching the best prince for white kona I decided I must be able to do something else.

I decided to make 3 quilts with the same simple square pattern, replacing the white with green, blue and pink, one for every quilt.

The chatreuse was really simple, cut and pieced like a dream, a couple of hour later was allready quilted.

IMG_6674 (Large) 5

I like very much these simple squares and I just love the straight line quilting.

I didn't think a lot before cutting, so I cut all the fabric in 4,5"squares, then I put them togheter two by two, one solid, one print. I found it very easy to piece without pinning, just ironed them very well after each time I sewed and the corners were very easy to match. I am such a fool for these kind of photos :)

IMG_6676 (Large)

I then decided to go for the pink one. It was impossible. Everyhing I tried was just too pink. The fact that I don't have a large enough stash might be a problem, 'cause almost all my printed fabrics have some pink in them. Put this next to a lot of pink squareas and...well... a little too sweet for me. Ok, way to sweet :)

So the pink went in the binding of the green quilt.

IMG_6686 (Large)

Rita's binding is getting better and better. I managed to do it without any spots left outside the sewing line.
Ah, and a great ideea for the corners! I hand sew them before so they won't move when I machine sew them and take the thread out after it's done. Perfect!

I noticed a strange green fabric in my stash, probably bought just like the dark grape in my princess quilt, just in case I get a great ideea. Well, I decided it worked perfect for another squared quilt and....ta-da! quilt no.2.

IMG_6708 (Large)

Next night I went to bed thinking about ways to use my pink and blue stash. Well...this is what I came up with :)))

Chocolate Momo quilt

Yeah, right, ask me where the pink and blue solids are :))). Same place: my closet. No, I was not able to use any of them. Ok, one square from a Kona charm. Doesn't really count, does it?

The it's a hoot charm pack arrived more than a week ago, and although I really like most of the prints and hoplessly love three of them (and could never use in this lifetime two of them :)) but that's another story :))) ) I was too stucked on a pic I saw on flickr and couldn't see them in another combo. What pic, you might be tempted to ask. Please don't ask, I allready spent an hour looking for it again and I have no ideea where it was. It did have a lot of gray, if that's helpfull in any way.

Until that night. When the grey was out of the question, simply because I have none left, and the brown came in. Mu-ha-ha!
Chocolate Momo 03

One thing I think I should say about it's a hoot is that the fabrics are much thinner than I expected from moda. That thin that I had to use the seam ripper after I tried to piece the first two rows of squares. As much as I loved the egg print, it is very thin and I don't think it would be my first choice in a quilt again :(

So who needs white anyway?

(I do, I do, I do! I want white, a lot of white, bolts of white. Hei, Santa, could you bring me a bolt of white Kona? Pleeeeease?)


  1. Funny how we get hooked on one white a colour? I just started noticing white this year and am quite in love with it too. It's great seeing what happens if we ask what if.....or run out of something. I love these quilts! They look wonderful

  2. Thanks Mari. The truth is it's really good to get out of the confort zone from time to time. I still want my bolt of white kona though :D

  3. Is it possible that the 'Its a Hoot' quit you saw o flickr was mine?
    Andi :-)

  4. Andi,
    no, it isn't that one. And now I'm going again though flick tring to find it.

    But your quilt (gorgeos! really, drop dead gorgeous :D) is the one that made me order more :D. And your quilt made me forget about how thin this fabric is and just want more :D

  5. I LOVE the straight line quilting that you do. How do you get it 1/4" away from the seam? Do you just eyeball it? I have a 1/4" foot, but I'd use my walking foot for that, any tips?


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