Friday, December 10, 2010

How to spend more time and money and think you got a bargain

h, yes, I am really good at this!

So we've gone to a really expensive store in the mall today, and while the kid was playing I spotted some nice notebooks. It might have been the price but I really didn't like any enough to buy. Ok, I kind of liked some, but they all had some playboy bunny, emo chick ot tanga (oh, yeah) on the cover. Or But I really needed one. So, well, I did it.

Bought the cheapest notebook, about 2$, horrible cover
IMG_6553 (Large)

spent 1/2 hour planning, cutting, sewing

IMG_6538 (Large)

some Ikea and some gorgeous Alexander Henry fabric

IMG_6551 (Large)

and now it's just waiting some inspiration for another quilt.

IMG_6535 (Large)

Hmm... now it looks like a bargain again :))))

Ah, don't be very impressed by my calculations, they were, well... wrong :D. Of course, one (bad) thing led to another (good thing), and my notebook has 2 different sides, so that I can easyly find the begining and end.

The front has more bubbles

IMG_6556 (Small)
The back has more sticks.

IMG_6557 (Small)


  1. very beautiful, you would never know that under the cover the notebook is so unattractive!

  2. Oh yes, horrible. I did have choice nd this was...the nicest :))))

  3. Diana, I love it! Maybe consider doing a tutorial about it?


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