Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My first custom quilts

This was a huge challange for me. I am not very comfy with the ideea of making a custom... something...anything actually, for somebody I don't know. But this nice lady left everything up to me. Well, I couldn't say no.

WIP - custom quilts Brother&Sister

The quilts came really quick, I think they took a day each, however the pillows took me more than 3 days. I wanted something different than the quilt, but still the same story.

The baby quilt has a simple pattern, but some of the squares have another layer of batting and I hope this will be more visible once the quilt is washed. The ones with more batting also miss a square in quilting, to really pop.

Bro custom quilt 02

The back is from 2 of my 3 favorite Ikea fabrics, the houses are also hand sewn on the top of the quilt.

Bro custom quilt - the back

The quilt for the bigger sister was the most chalenging. I wanted something for a child, but also something she will love later, because the quilt is quite large, around 100 x 130 cm.

Sis- custom quilt

Again, the colours are far from reality, I think the green in the pillow is pear, far far away from the grass green in the photos. The back is my other Ikea favorite, the gray angels, and I just found out they will not make it anymore :( Just when I decided to buy a full bolt... Of course, they didn;t have any...

I am really happy how they both turned out but I'll still be nervous untill the kids actually see them. Wish me luck :)

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