Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm on fire

After 11 celsius on the 2nd day of Christmas, yesterday started snowing. Big, fat and lazy snowflakes. This was a couple of hours later.


You'd say that much snow should inspire me to do something... hmm... snowish? (Is it a word? No, it doesn't really matter :)) ). Instead, I saw this pic on Flickr.

Well, what can I say more. Here they are, the Flamo family.

The kid

Flamo the son tring to get to dad

and his dad
Flamo the dad climbing the tree

oh, and their best friend, the wrap :D. This guy is much older but it matched really good.

Ale & Nora - Est Wrap

Ok, just one more pic with the kids playing in the snow.
Flamo and his best friend, the woven wrap

Aren't they incredibly sweet?

Oh, did you know the older brother, made a couple of weeks ago?
Sunny mini quilt 01

How about their second degree cousin?


I did say I'm on fire. Can you take any more orange?

I am going cutting something right now and I am soo curious: will I orange some more? :)))


  1. I love the orange!!! Great choice of fabrics. I don't know what it is lately, but everytime it snows around here(which is pretty often) I start quilting like crazy...so I know what you mean about the snow.

  2. I LOVE all the blankets. They are just toooo cute :)
    It must be great, if you are able to sew such a good (and without mistakes like I do) blanket. Wonderful.



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