Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Charm pack quilt

So I ordered 7 CP. I am not sure if this was one of the greatest ideeas or I'm just stupid :D. Ok, not that it really matters or that I would actually want to find out. :))) But I needed to get out of the solid square/ print square thing.

Of course, I was sure I reinvented the wheel.

I took 9 squares and divided them in 3 groups, 4, 4, 1.
The first 4 stay like this,
next 4 are cut in 2,
the last one is cut in 4.

And here's the block.

Now the problem was the sashing. I tried white, dark gray, red and green. They all sucked. Really, it was nothing modern about this quilt, at least not as modern or bold as I was dreaming.

So after white large sashing, white tiny sashing, red large, red tiny, gray large, gray huge, gray random, tiny green, tiny gray, large green, wonky squares, I decided to put them all togheter. Just like this.

Momo 2 charm packs quilt

Now the question is: after my 5' of glory when I thought I actually found something new and after two hours, one last night and one this morning, when I found no sashing to like, how much was I actually influenced by Andi's quilt? I mean, come, on, take a look. They're like sisters. Twins :). Ok, not identical twins, but still :))

blocks detail 2
[Photo uploaded on Flickr by Patchandi]



  1. No worries....what's the saying?... there is nothing new under the sun..something like that anyway. I don't know what your take is, but I find there is a lot of repetion in quilt blocks and patterns.

  2. And frankly I don't care. That is gorgeous! Hurry up and finish it so I can see a picture of it all!!
    Were they 7 CP all of the same fabric line, or different ones?


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