Saturday, January 29, 2011

My first striped quilt

Such a cuteness :) If you don't mind my lack of modesty :))

I started with more solids but somehow they didn't fit in. So the white stayed and also the white based prints. And just couldn't let the giraffes go :D


At first I wanted to use Rita's directions from the Bayou quilt but I decided not to. I pieced the stripes from one end only, and that's because I like to have at least one stright corner. Yeah, I'm just lazy :D. I hate having to watch the angle when I trim the batting so I had 3 straight edges and only one with 1-2mm difference between the stripes. Piece of cake :D


The really difficult part was quilting it because the nice lady that asked for this quilt wanted something wavy. And that's quite difficult for me. I don't think I would have ever started quilting if I didn't discover straight line quilting. But it's ok, I can live with it :). Plus, I actually made a lot of straight lines, and this kept me sane :)))


One thing I hate is the biased fabric. And right next to it it's the printed fabric that's not on the grain. You can see it very obvious in the butterflyes. However, I decided not to go crazy cutting the fabric follwing the print and than pieceing a little on the bias. I think it turned out ok, the buttlerflies are flying, right? :)

Next up, my first linen :)


  1. The butterflies look fine, especially between the two other fabrics which have animals/spots in all directions. The giraffes and elephants look fab in a straight line though, so I think you chose wisely which to line up. Love that fabric on the end with the racoons and bird/fish - can I ask what line that is from? Love the orange binding too - super bright and happy quilt!

  2. It's really cute, I have some of that giraffe fabric too...I love it.

  3. It's adorable, Good plan keeping the giraffes, I love that bright green strip.


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