Friday, January 28, 2011

My first piping

Yes, another first.

I bought a bliss charm pack although it's so not my style. And forced myself into something a little too sweet for me. I didn't manage to do something bliss style, but I do love it.

Some white from my local quilt shop (my Kona is not here yet :( ) some Moda feathers, a bit of red Kona and a part of one Bliss charm pack:


I didn't give piping so much thought. I cut two 1,5" white strips and one 1" red strip. Ironed the red folded and placed it between the whites, folded part on the inside.




Ironed it open then folded and that was pretty much it. I wanted to avoid bulk and made sure the strips were not pieced togheter in the same place.


The difficult part was finishing the binding/piping and took me more than half an hour to join the ends, also paying attention not to join the red and the white in the same place to avoid beeing too bulky. See the 2 blue marks? That's what they're for.


I'm really proud of myself :D. It's kind of flauless :)) The only problem I had was using white thread to fininsh the binding, meaning white thread on red fabric, but the other option was haing some red spots on the back and...hmmm..I think it's better like this :)


  1. Those hippos again, god I love them! This looks fab, I am dying to try it too. It really makes your quilt look awesome and goes so well with all the straight line quilting. I don't think I've seen a pinwheel quilt done with rectangles rather than wedges - I really like it. You said it - Flawless!
    P.S. Hope hubby's feeling better.

  2. This is a very, very nice quilt.
    I love the pinwheel made with rectangles, and the piping looks stunning.
    I should be courageous and try it myself, one day...


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