Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pop-as-in-pop-corn quilt

As in the squares really pop :))


I've done two more quilts with this 4" finished squares and 1,5" finished sashing and I started this one with quilting in mind :). I wanted the squares to pop out without using extra batting under them, like I did before.

So the big thing was quilting it. I found out that they pop out best when I sew about 1/4 walking foot away from the stich. I now realise I could have sewn another 2 rows on the white, but it would have been a little stiffer and I guess it's not what you want from a baby quilt.

ana (1)

Yeah, I'm more than ok with it like this :)

One special moment for this quilt was the binding. After 2-3 quilts where I had big doubts about the binding I choose, this one was really really cool. I think it made a lot of difference and it helps a lot with the poping :)

ana (2)

And because I rarely get to see exactly how big a quilt is in real life, I decided to clean my sofa for this one :)))

ana (3)

Next step: rearrange the shelf :D


  1. Very nice! It certainly does pop - love it. Is the binding Kona Lagoon? It looks like a really nice turquoise on my computer.

  2. Thanks, Kisty
    Yes, I think is lagoon, is a very stong shade of blue

  3. This quilt is so pretty! I have some charm packs and may try this one next!

  4. Simply beautiful. Love the color scheme!

  5. I love how the white sashing with bright prints always looks so fresh. I just noticed the giraffe fabric you used is the same as I bought this week....It's so cute I couldn't resit.

  6. I love this! I've been searching for inspiration for a quilt for my nephew and I think I just found it. thank you!


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