Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The confort zone - in and out

I know from the very first look if I like a fabric or not. And I also know that I might like one fabric but will never use it. These are usualy large scale prints or classic paisley. But this never stopped me from buying them, of course :)))

So I've seen Amy Butler's Love collection for some time and knew I kind of like some of the prints in there. I bought the dots immediatly but hesitated quite a lot for the rest. In the end I couldn't help and finally bought 2 charm packs. They are way out of my confort zone. Way!


So after staring at them for a while I decided to actualy do something. Man, that was hard :))) I made two tiny baby quilts and although I think I like them, I am not very sure :)))). No, actually I like but would never use. They will make the perfect present for somebody else, though :)))

After this exhausting experiment :))) I decided to go back to the confort zone. And that felt so good!

I love evey single fabric from this quilt. Anne Kelle, Wendy Slotboom, Monaluna, Laurie Wisbrun, Amy Butler's dots and the supreme Kona White. Bonus, Ikea's hippos. Perfect!


Extra bonus, binding from a local shop, meaning I didn't have to wait 4 weeks for it.

I wanted to do some strip piecing but my kid came in the room just as I was ironing the strips and one thing let to another so after 10 minutes or so I had everything squared :)))


I think the 4" squares work best for me. Large enough to piece easyly, small enough not to have big differences. I actually think this is my best pieced top, I only had 2 corners with no more than 1 mm difference. Pretty cool, I might say :)


  1. I'm thinking those out of comfort quilts are looking pretty nice.....I want to see them unrolled!!!

  2. Man, I gotta get back to IKEA, that hippo fabric is to die for! And yes, I want to see the Love quilts unrolled too! Have you seen Rita's latest with the Soul Blossoms line, looks like it will be very pretty?


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