Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Cip quilt

I know that all my 9 readers (ok, 10, I know husband is reading :D) were dying to see it :))). So here it is:

Just before basting

I was really nervous about pieceing all the blocks together because I was supposed to use sashing. And that sashing was supposed to hide any imperfections in the blocks. I wasn't really paying attention when I made them [ops]. Plus, my walking foot gets really tired afer un hour and needs to stop. And I can't stop whenever he wants to. So I went along, knowing that it might not be perfect.


I quilted it in a sort of a spiral, a rectangular one. I have no ideea how you call this :). But it eneded up perfect.


4 Charm packs gone, 4 more to go. (Yeah, I know, it's a little more than 7 :D)


  1. LOVE this quilt and love that you used up a charm pack! The pink binding looks great with the grey.

  2. It's looking great...I am not at my usual computer so I can't email you...don't have the address, but check out my newest post,I've nominated you for the Liebster Award.


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